Enlighten Celebrity Lightening System

Guaranteed Results for all teeth

2 Week Home Procedure + 1 Hour In Surgery Whitening.

Highly recognized as the leading professional whitening in the UK.

Less sensitivity than other whitening of teeth.

Excellent on all types of colour and staining

Suitable for all patients over the age of 18

Enlighten teeth whitening is a technological leader in professional teeth whitening.

It is a cutting-edge product from the US that the Tracey Bell Clinic is utilizing to make a visible difference to your smile. The Enlighten kit is an effective product that does not use substances that are harsh enough to damage teeth and cause the patient unnecessary pain. Enlighten teeth whitening works safely and painlessly to provide outstanding results. The Enlighten range includes kits for both home use and dentist applied, with varying strengths and modes of application. Opposed to treatments where porcelain is used, the Enlighten experience offers a naturally white smile. The breakthrough product also has a guarantee that applies to every single patient, regardless of colour, age, lifestyle or dietary habits.

The simple procedure takes 2 weeks to reach desired results for 95% of patients. Impressions of the teeth are made and the trays are worn for 14 nights. The gel is only a quarter the concentration of most other whitening systems and results are definite with the correct care.
This method gets teeth whiter and helps people who have had tough stains or bleach resistant teeth to get their smiles as white as they so desire. Most importantly, Enlighten Evolution is safe and long lasting.


As with any elective dental treatment, there are great benefits but there may also be risks involved. Our clinicians at Tracey Bell are more than happy to discuss any concerns with you.

  • Gum irritation or tooth sensitivity can occur. This usually wears off within a day of treatment
  • It is advised to avoid food and drinks which are renowned for staining teeth, such as red wine and coffee, for up to a week
  • A gel is offered to minimize pain during the procedure

 N.B. Please note a consultation is required before this product/gift voucher is valid.



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