Frown Line Treatment

Frown lines are deep vertical creases between your eyebrows.-this is called the Glabella Named because they become more prominent when you frown, many people find that these lines make them look angry or sad. If you are tired of people commenting that you look like you're frowning even when you're not, a frown line treatment may be right for you.

Treating Your Frown Lines

Repeated movement of the muscle between the eyebrows, which creases every time you frown or squint, causes frown lines. They can be treated with a muscle relaxant that causes this underlying muscle to contract less. This is one of the most popular areas for muscle relaxant treatments. These injections can smooth existing wrinkles and also stop the lines from becoming deeper by preventing the repeated muscle movements causing them. Patients with particularly deep frown lines may want to combine this treatment with dermal filler injections to “fill in” the indentations in the skin.

Combination treatment will be discussed on all consultations @ Tracey Bell

Who is suitable to have this treatment @ Tracey Bell ?

Suitable for all ages .If you feel that your frown lines make you look worried or unhappy all the time, a frown line treatment may be right for you. This treatment may be performed on adults of any age, though it is more commonly performed on people in their 30’s who have started to notice signs of facial ageing. It is appropriate for most adults in good overall health. Many patients find this treatment leaves them looking refreshed and feeling happier as a result. 

What to Expect @ Tracey Bell

The anti wrinkle treatment can be performed in our clinic in less than 30 Minutes . A thin needle is used to deliver the muscle relaxant directly into the muscle between the eyebrows and takes just a few moments. Following the injection, the anti-wrinkle product works by causing the muscle to relax.

After receiving a frown line treatment, patients are free to resume their normal activities. No bandages are needed, and there is no required recovery period.  Frown line injections have become a popular “lunchtime rejuvenation” treatment for patients seeking a quick treatment with no downtime.

Within about a week, the frown lines will have become less noticeable. The muscle relaxant that has been injected blocks signals from the nerves, causing the muscle underneath your frown lines to become weakened. Since the muscle can no longer fully contract, deep creases become smoother. Many patients report noticing differences in their frown lines within just a couple of days.

The effects of this anti wrinkle treatment usually last 3-6 months. As the muscle relaxant wears off, the muscle under the frown lines will regain its ability to contract, and the lines will reappear. Many patients schedule regular injections to keep their frown lines at bay.

30 Minute Procedure

Full consultation and treatment planning

Wrinkle reduction

Frown lines treatment Liverpool and Isle Of Man

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