Intraceutical Luxury Oxygen Facial

A True Anti ageing Oxygen Facial 


Celebrities worldwide rely on modern beauty techniques to maintain a youthful appearance. The Intraceutical’s Oxygen Facial with Infusion treatment is an innovative breakthrough in beauty enhancement that combats signs & symptoms of aging at the source. Our unique treatment uses hyperbaric oxygen to infuse a combination of antioxidant and hyaluronic acids into the skin, making skin look healthier and younger than ever before.

Madonna and Gwyneth paltrow,for example consider it to be one of heir favorite skin care treatments,and even kate middleton,now, the duchess of Cambridge ,reportedly underwent oxygen facial therapy before the royal wedding ,and we all know how beautiful she looked .

Other celebrities who are reported to use oxygen facials include: Jennifer lopez,heather locklear,Katie perry,megan fox ,Jennifer aniston ,brad pitt ,fergie ,kate moss ,eva longoire ,Nicole kidman ,justin timberlake and Naomi Campbell .


Product Description

Modern Beauty Enhancement@ Tracey Bell 

This innovative treatment relies on a modern, three part combination that provides instant results you’re guaranteed to love.

This treatment utilizes oxygen under light pressure to provide your skin with a signature combination of anti-aging ingredients while simultaneously cooling the skin. A relaxing and beneficial part of the process.
A cutting-edge serum containing Hyaluronic Acid combined with a unique blend of vitamins and antioxidants is applied. This modern blend immediately hydrates the skin which firms the skin while drastically reducing lines and wrinkles.
Last step – treatment support. The finishing touch is layering special products which supplement and skin nutrients in order to maximize the benefits of the treatment for lasting effects.

Hyaluronic Layering.

Hyaluronic Acid is a new breakthrough discovery of the beauty industry. Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occurring ingredient found in our skin. Hyaluronic Acid is applied during our Intraceutical Oxygen Facial with infusion treatment which helps disperse the beauty enhancing treatments throughout the skin. This process of Hyaluronic Layering results in deep hydration of the skin, bringing out your youngest and most beautiful skin.

The Most Modern Way to Beautiful Skin.

Our Intraceutical Oxygen Facial with Infusion is a modern beauty enhancement that is becoming popular simply because, clients leave our spa feeling ecstatic about how their skin looks. You deserve the best. Call us or contact us online to experience the benefits of this modern beauty breakthrough.


Ideal Beauty Gift for Pure Luxury and excellent Results 



90 Minutes 

Instant results 

Procedure Ideal for all skin types and ages

Celebrity Endorsed 


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