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Do you feel your lips are not large enough? Whether ageing has caused them to thin, or your lips have never had the volume you desire, you are not alone. Many people wish their lips were larger, giving them a sexier pout. If you are constantly reapplying lipstick to make your lips look more defined, consider lip enhancement injections.


Fuller Looking Lips

The lips are one of the most popular areas for dermal filler injections. Lip enhancement injections can leave you with luscious lips and a more substantial pout. If you have always wished that your lips were more noticeable, this treatment may be right for you. During the treatment, soft tissue fillers are injected into the lips to increase their volume.


Smokers can also benefit from Lip fillers in defining lips and redusing smokers lines 


If you wish that your lips were fuller and better defined, you may be a candidate for lip enhancement. Lip enhancement injections are suitable for most healthy adults.

Lip Enhancements produce natural aesthetic results 


Lip enhancement injections are delivered during a visit to our office lasting less than an hour. The soft tissue filler, in the form of gel, is delivered through a thin needle into the lips. The process utilises multiple small injections so the dermal filler is distributed evenly.


Juvederm Is the Product Used 

Several types of dermal filler can be used for this treatment, all formulated to enhance the volume of the lips by filling in the skin. After the filler has been injected, it increases lip volume by working from inside the body. Some results are visible immediately following treatment; others may become visible over the coming weeks, depending on the type of filler used.

After lip injections, patients can return to work and other activities immediately. For a few days following treatment, avoid rubbing or touching your lips, which can move the injected filler.

Following lip enhancement, patients usually notice a subtle increase in their lip volume. When performed correctly, the results of this treatment should be a noticeable, natural-looking enhancement that is not overly obvious. This effect is temporary. The results usually last between six months and 8 months. Over time, the body absorbs the filler, and your lips return to their pre-treatment appearance. Many patients undergo periodic lip injections to maintain their enhanced appearance.


Single Visit 

Juvederm Product 1 ml 

Suitable male and female 



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