Pucker Up - Lip Enhancement


- Full consultation and assessment prior to treatment

- Enhance + Beauty the lip area

- Choice of dermal filler, Restylane, Perlane, Beletero

- Natural Aesthetic result

- Instant

- Smooths smoker lines

- Re-hydrates + enhances all lips

- Suitable for men and women

Your Guide to Lip Fillers at Tracey Bell


Enhance the natural beauty of your lips with lip fillers (using Restylane and Juvederm) at our Liverpool, Birkdale or Isle of Man clinics.

Lip fillers are amongst our most popular treatments at the Tracey Bell clinics and we’re proud to employ the best and most experienced practitioners in this field (that’s why we keep winning national, and even international, awards for our work in aesthetics).

Like our eyes, our lips are one of our most important features – they’re one of the first features new acquaintances will look at and like the delicate eye area, they’re one of the first areas to give away our age. After our teens and 20s (when our lips are at their fullest), they will gradually begin to lose volume. This can lead to a gradual flattening of the cupids bow, making our lips look less full and defined and consequently making us look less youthful.

Also, although we adhere to a strict ethical policy and will only offer lip fillers to patients who are over 18, we do get a lot of enquiries from younger patients in their late teens or early 20s, whose lips aren’t naturally as full as they’d like or who’d simply like to enhance what nature gave them.



About Your Lip Filler Treatment

You may choose to have local anesthetic to minimize any discomfort during your treatment. The key active components of lip fillers are natural hyaluronic acid and biodegradable dermal fillers.

hyaluronic-acidOur highly trained practitioners will discuss the different treatment options available to you. Some dermal fillers are ideal if your main concern is smoothing the surface of the lips, minimizing lines and adding hydration, while others have more volumizing properties, which are perfect for those wishing to gently plump their lips and enhance their cupids bow.

We’ll take the time to discuss the look you wish to achieve and will advise you on the best product and the quantity of lip fillers needed to achieve those results. We’ll also advise on how long the effects of your lip fillers will last.


Why are lip fillers one of Tracey Bell’s most popular treatments?

· Lip fillers can help you look younger, restoring the fuller profile our lips have naturally in our youth

· Lip fillers can also eradicate some of the less noticeable signs of aging, such as lipstick and lip liner bleeding around the mouth. Patients generally find that this is less noticeable after lip fillers

· Your cupids bow can be enhanced, creating a more beautiful, even smile

· Many of our patients say they grew up feeling that they had thin lips, which has affected their confidence. Lip fillers can gently and subtly add volume, giving patients the fuller lips they dreamed of within minutes!

· Lip fillers can gently lift the edges of the lips to restore their youthful position and avoid the downturn or sagging effect associated with age


You’ll find more information on the products we use at Tracey Bell on this site. However, we’d always recommend taking the time to speak to one of our highly experienced practitioners. They may put new products or treatment options on your radar or you may find that you need a greater, or lesser, volume of lip filler than you’d expected to create your ideal effect.

Key products to look out for are Restylane and Juvederm, but enhancing your smile isn’t just about finding the perfect product – it’s also about finding a practitioner with the requisite skill to listen to exactly what you want and then talk you through your treatment, guiding you towards your dream smile. We know that the skill and communication skills of our practitioners is key, and this is why so many of our patients choose to come back to see the same practitioner year after year to maintain their perfect pout.

At Tracey Bell you’ll find the best products and professionals on hand and all our treatments are carried out in stylish and contemporary treatment rooms, making the whole experience more relaxing. If you’re still trying to decide which treatment option is best for you, or would simply like more information on lip fillers, our friendly, professional team are always happy to offer advice.



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